The Bergisch Three from their most rewarding side!

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Photo: Andrea Quass

The Bergisch Three from their most rewarding side!

Hiking in picturesque fairy-tale forests, comfortable, gentle cycling on specially adapted old railway tracks, exciting cultural stories and shopping direct from the manufacturer - all this is possible in the Bergisch Three!

And a visit to Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal is now even more rewarding than it already is, because the Bergisch Three have come up with something very special for their guests: the Bergisch Card! The card, which you can get at the reception desk of participating hotels for a deposit of €20, offers great discounts with a wide range of partners in the region.

Rent an e-bike with 10% discount from Rent-A-Bike in Wuppertal and cycle in comfort along the Bergisch Panorama cycle paths, along Nordbahnstrasse, across Korkenzieherstrasse, to Müngsten Bridge Park, where the next discount awaits you in Müngsten House. Burg Castle also opens its gates at half price and lets you enjoy an afternoon in the Middle Ages. In Remscheid, you can spend a day marvelling, shopping and tasting: The German X-Ray Museum and the German Tool Museum show the pioneering spirit of the Bergisch people, who conquered the whole world from here. Both museums charge holders of the Bergisch Card only a low admission rate and they also have a surprise for you.

Our culinary partners will also surprise you with small free treats when you present your card at the beginning of your visit. If you prefer to put on your walking shoes, you can have breakfast at the TRYP by Wyndham Wuppertal, which makes an excellent snack on the way. Hiking map holders on the Wuppertal Königshöhe or in the Burgholz should not miss out on a visit to the Honigstal House, the country house idyll and the range of home-made cakes are unrivalled!