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Origins of NordRhein-Ruhr publications

Van Oosten Uitgeverij has been publishing magazines since 2005, which are distributed to households and/or at tourist and cultural sites. It concerns information from German territory, intended for Dutch speakers.

The print publication NordRhein-Ruhr Topevents is an annual publication that is issued at the end of March / April.

The NordRhein-Ruhr print edition appears in the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons, respectively in mid-May (in 2020 and 2021 in August) and mid-November.

In addition, this completely redesigned website www.nordrhein-ruhr.info from 2020 is an additional online publication, now in German and English in addition to Dutch.

In summary, there are the following media outlets:

  1. NordRhein-Ruhr.nl | NordRhein-Ruhr Topevents annual edition
  2. NordRhein-Ruhr.nl | NordRhein-Ruhr Spring/Summer
  3. NordRhein-Ruhr.nl | NordRhein-Ruhr Autumn/Winter
  4. Website www.nordrhein-ruhr.info (continuously) available in Dutch, German, English and Turkish (for preferred language click on the appropriate flag on the bottom left of the page)
  5. Facebook page: NordRhein Ruhr Page
  6. Newsletter with weekly updates (by signing up at the bottom of the page you can receive weekly updates by e-mail)
  7. Live chat messages can be sent via the chat function at the bottom of this website. You can then expect a response within one working day at the latest.

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Explanation website www.nordrhein-ruhr.info

Receive magazines at home

Would you like to receive for a year 1 issue NordRhein-Ruhr Topevents and 2 issues NordRhein-Ruhr. This is possible for a fee of €25 to cover administration and shipping costs. Please fill in the contact form on this website or send an e-mail to lezers@nordrhein-ruhr.nl.

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Although this website and the magazines have been compiled with the greatest possible care, the publisher does not exclude any liability for possible errors, inaccuracies, etc. Reproduction of this publication is prohibited without written permission from the publisher.