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Where one of Europe's most popular and modern museums stands today, Neanderthal was discovered more than 160 years ago.

Today, the Neanderthal is a global star. Everyone knows him - everyone has a picture of him. Reason enough that a museum was dedicated to himand human history, attracting 150,000 guests to the Neanderthal near Düsseldorf every year.

At the museum, guests take a journey through human history - from our beginnings in Africa more than 4 million years ago to the present. Varied productions and hands-on stations, lifelike reconstructions of our ancestors and research boxes to browse through make a visit to the museum an exciting experience for the whole family.

Besides visiting the museum, a walk through Germany's oldest nature reserve is worthwhile. In the Ice Age Game Reserve there are aurochs, bison and tarpans to discover, and the Stone Age playground opposite invites you to climb and romp.

New Neanderthal highlight: In December 2022, the Höhlenblick Adventure Tower opened at the Neanderthal site. The 22 m high tower lets guests travel back to the Stone Age through virtual telescopes. Height enthusiasts can take the shortcut through the climbing tunnel at a height of 20 meters.


Changing exhibition at the Neanderthal Museum

Ice age travel greenland, through November 3, 2024

This exhibition brings together art and science. The eventful history of Greenland, which is closely connected to Europe, is told in an accessible way in a graphic novel and complemented by selected finds from Greenland. Greenlandic artist Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen has worked closely with researchers in this project and takes us on a journey into Greenland's past with his impressive drawings. Hands-on stations for the whole family not only guarantee fun in the exhibition, but also playfully bring knowledge about the inventive people of Greenland.

Opening hours:

Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed on Mondays.

Admission: Your adventure ticket 13 euros (12.50 euros online) for adults (includes permanent and temporary exhibition, Neanderthal discovery site and adventure tower with cave view); Discounts for groups, families, children, students, disabled.