Industrial monument Kokerei Hansa

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former coking plant Kokerei Hansa

Impressive architecture, impressive technology and lots of nature

The industrial monument the Hansa coking plant in Dortmund-Huckarde offers much variety for curious visitors. The large-scale coking plant from 1928 was once one of the most modern of its time. At peak times, it produced up to 5,200 tons of coke per day. As such, it was an important part of the combined economy of the region's coal and steel industries. It was closed in 1992 and is now preserved in an almost authentic state. It offers interesting insights into the history of mining. Tours throughout the year shed light on its production from coal to coke. Among the functional architecture, tall towers and lush industrial nature, the valuable machine ensemble consisting of five gas compressors stands out. The highlight of any tour: one of the giant machines in the compressor hall can be experienced in motion in show operation. A media guide, also available in Dutch, allows visitors to explore part of the area on their own.

Opening hours:

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free admission.