Adventure Eifelsteig 15 years

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Eifelsteig, Butzerbachtal © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Escape everyday life for two weeks and hike 313 kilometers through the Eifel in 15 daily stages: this is the long-distance hiking trail Eifelsteig.

The Eifel offers many small and large natural phenomena. In the high moors the grasses sway gently in the wind, in the Perlenbachtal near Monschau the little wild daffodils form beautiful yellow carpets of color in spring, the Eifel National Park is developing into the primeval forest of tomorrow, and at Blankenheim the juniper heath shapes the landscape. Where there was a tropical sea more than 400 million years ago, today the Eifelsteig leads over drained dolomite rocks. They are the landmark of the mineral water town of Gerolstein. It's not far from Daun to the maars, the most impressive remnants of Eifel volcanism. From a path above the Mosel, the first monumental buildings of Trier can already be seen. Two lively, historic towns - the imperial cities of Aachen and Trier - are the starting and finishing points of the Eifelsteig. In between, the long-distance hiking trail runs through the middle of the Eifel.

15 Years of the Eifelsteig "Where rock and water accompany you" is the motto of the Eifelsteig,

which for 15 years has started in Aachen in the only national park in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Vulkaneifel, leads to Europe's largest intact raised bog, the High Fens, and ends above Trier. The total 313 kilometers of the Eifelsteig are divided into 15 daily stages ranging in length from 15 to 28 kilometers. Visitors actively engage in change and gain new insights for a climate-friendly everyday life. This includes, for example, the redesign of the personal living environment, but also many other topics such as future-oriented agriculture and forestry, health, consumption, leisure and tourism. Ruhrmuseum at Zollverein Essen.