LWL Museum of Archaeology and Culture

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If you really want to learn about the history and culture of the Ruhr region and its surroundings, you can do so at the LWL Museum of Archaeology and Culture in Herne.

© LWL,C. Kneel

The museum is the epitome of archaeology in Westphalia and currently houses several exhibitions. In the permanent exhibition, visitors wander through an artificial, archaeological excavation landscape and view objects from 280,000 years of human history. From the Stone Age to Roman times to World War II, there are many finds to marvel at. Both interactive stations and digital offerings invite you to deepen your knowledge. The exhibition "Modern Times. Archäologische Funde der Moderne und ihre Geschichten" offers more than 100 archaeological stories from the past 200 years from a very special perspective. Objects from America and France are also featured. The LWL-MAK can be reached by public transportation and by car in a short time from Bochum, Dortmund, Essen or Recklinghausen and offers regular guided tours and events.

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