The ancient heritage in Paderborn

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The starting point of the special exhibition at the Diözesanmuseum Paderborn (NRW) is a think tank from the Middle Ages: the former monastery of Corvey - a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 10 years.

Inschriftenplatte vom Westwerk der Klosterkirche Corvey | © Corvey, Kirchengemeinde St.Stephanus und Vitus | Photo: A. Hoffmann

Monasteries preserved parts of the ancient knowledge that still shapes us today. With numerous exhibits, the exhibition makes it possible to experience how ancient cultural techniques and ideas about politics, law, art and sciences were passed down during the Middle Ages. Appropriated and shaped by the respective zeitgeist, such treasures tell stories and remain a mystery to this day.

More than 120 loans from European museums and libraries will be on display in Paderborn, alongside insights into the work of the restorers and researchers who preserve ancient heritage today. Calligrapher and artist Brody Neuenschwander also brings the diversity of written cultures to life in impressive spatial interventions.

In addition to a richly illustrated catalog, there is also an extensive events program, including group tours (60 min: € 60 | 90 min: € 80 plus discounted admission), which provide a deeper insight into the exhibition can be booked through the Touristeninformation Paderborn, Tel.: 0049 5251 88129800, E-mail: |

The exhibition, which runs from Sept. 21, 2024 to Jan. 26, 2025, is under the auspices of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Burse von Enger | © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin | Kunstgewerbemuseum | Photo: Uwe Schlüter, FOTOdesign