Experience Museum Schloss Horst

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Experience history up close at the Schloss Horst Adventure Museum.

Take a trip back in time to the year 1565 and experience the castle building life-like. Experience history up close.

Accompany the building lord In the experience museum Schloss Horst, Rutger von der Horst during his life in the 16th century, watch the craftsmen while the Renaissance castle is being built. Get to know the life of the craftsmen and the castle lord, look over Rutger von der Horst's shoulder in his study and get to know the living conditions of the nobility and craftsmen of the 16th century.

Slate slabs carved by themselves at the Leyendecker

Among other things, the following questions are answered:
  • How was a castle financed?
  • How was a castle built?
  • How did the castle lords and artisans live?
  • At the time the castle was built in Horst, what did the surrounding area look like?

The construction room with model of the castle construction site 1565 (scale 1:40)