Sauna landscape Finlantis

Health & Wellness

Just across the border near Venlo, Finlantis in Nettetal offers an oasis of relaxation in the style of Finnish sauna culture.

In the large panoramic outdoor sauna (80°)there is a relaxing atmosphere. The pool, the sunbathing area and the LaaVu can be seen through large panoramic windows. The LaaVu is a shelter with a fire pit and the heart of the Finlanti garden. In addition to the panoramic sauna, three other saunas are available to visitors. The brine sauna is characterized by colored lights a salty atmosphere. The temperature here is 70-80 degrees - ideal for beginners. In the classic Lapse sauna, on the other hand, the temperature rises to 90degrees. Don't miss our steam sauna. The warm, moist air opens the pores and allows the skin to "breathe. Combined with essential oils and scrubs, a visit to the steam sauna becomes a real beauty cure.

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