Improving health through automated urine analysis

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Improving health through automated urine analysis

Demographic developments in the Netherlands and Germany are posing ever greater challenges to nursing services. More and more elderly people need care. This inevitably means that more nursing staff are needed, which means that there is a nursing emergency in both countries. The simultaneous increase in the need for documentation also drastically reduces the time available at the "customer".

One of the most important issues in care is the promotion of drinking behaviour among the elderly. According to interviews with experts, a balanced fluid balance is the easiest and most effective way to increase the vitality and well-being of the people being cared for. Therefore, the project consortium wants to develop a digital micturition diary with automated urine analysis as a plug-and-play device.
The technical implementation is based on the joint developments of the companies Medipee and Idenova.

within the INTERREG project "Digipro" (development project "P1med"). The prototype to be developed is a fist-sized device that can be retrofitted to almost any toilet. As soon as the device detects urine flow and the user requests an analysis, an automatic and contactless measurement takes place within seconds. The measured data is output to a digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). The basic technology is protected by Medipee patents. In addition, the analysis of samples in the measured data from the temperature, acceleration, position and structure-borne sound sensors is intended to derive the characteristic parameters for bladder emptying (e.g. urine flow rate, urine duration). The description shows that the project is a very complex and interdisciplinary task. Questions of medicine, metrology, electronics, production, modelling and data evaluation have to be answered.