Kevelaer Air Balloon Festival

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This year, the "Kevelaer Hot Air Balloon Festival" is celebrating its 30th anniversary and will do so on July 12 and 13, 2014.

Many boaters and their teams have been attending for nearly 30 years. Special highlights, a colorful program and unique scenery await all attendees during the festival weekend. Unique flights over Niederrhein, good balloon weather and an ever-growing circle of spectators and balloon fans prove even more clearly successful years over the past three decades. This year, too, balloonists from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands will set colorful accents in the skies in Niederrhein. An absolute highlight will again be the various special shapes that will take to the air. The most important of all balloons is, of course, the Kevelaer ascender.

Another absolute adventure awaits all visitors - helicopter sightseeing flights. Some model balloonists will also be there again. Their lovingly designed mini versions of the air giants will put a smile on the faces of young and old visitors to the festival. Learn more at