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Live music, light art, Christmas dreams and unique journeys through time

The city of Essen in the heart of the Ruhr region is worth a visit 365 days a year. Also because Essen constantly scores with exciting open-air events. Like the Essen Original city festival, which offers top live music from national and international artists and bands from May 10 to 12. In addition to the three stages scattered throughout the city, there is also a festival market and a great mile to get to know the city of Essen with its many facilities and institutions. Of course, it is completely free for visitors. This includes the Essen Light Festival, which is one of the top 10 light festivals in all of Europe.

From Oct. 2 to 13, the festival offers spectacular light shows, video mappings and light installations every night from dusk. This turns a visit to downtown Essen into a magical evening stroll. Just two weeks later, the traditional Essen Light Weeks begin.

From Oct. 27 through Jan. 4, 2025, the city center will be enveloped in an atmospheric glow of light as far as the eye can see. The city's glow of lights reaches its peak when the Essen International Christmas Market begins on Nov. 15.

Through December 23, visitors can buy goods from all over the world at the approximately 170 booths. For example, there are Christmas decorations from Israel, jewelry from the Baltic States or delicacies from France. Visitors to the medieval market will experience a trip to times long gone. Here quaintly dressed merchants sell their leather goods, jewelry or honey wines by torchlight and juggler music. And if you can't get enough of time travel, you have the opportunity to book the year-round mixed reality time travel "Essen 1887," which is also offered in Dutch. During this multi-award-winning tour, participants go back to Essen in 1887 with very special mixed reality glasses. Before their eyes, they see carriages, animals, buildings and people in old clothes and characters acting with them - as realistic as if they were standing in front of them in the flesh. There is currently no other city tour like this in the world! Only Essen offers that. In short, anything is possible in Essen! Learn more at Essen Live music, light art, Christmas dreams and unique journeys through time

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