Horse Show Cavalluna

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CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams A fantastic ride through Asia  

After the successful shows "CAVALLUNA - Legend of the Desert" and "CAVALLUNA - Secret of Eternity," Europe's most popular horse show returns with the new program "CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams"! Immerse yourself in an incredible world on the Asian continent and experience beautiful horses, the highest equestrian art, stunning show footage and soulful music - embedded in a fantastic story that will inspire young and old alike. Each scene conveys beauty, naturalness and deep emotions, making CAVALLUNA an unforgettable and unique experience. The new show tells an adventurous and legendary story: Yuen, who was born with rare blue eyes - a sign of special talent - is pursued by the evil royal advisor Merl and his henchmen because of a prophecy. On the run, she learns about the distant land of a thousand dreams, where everyone can develop themselves and display their talents. Her search for this mystical place leads her to a Shaolin master, kung fu fighters and a horse whisperer, but her pursuers are always on her heels. Will she be able to reach the legendary Land of a Thousand Dreams?  

Visit Europe's most popular horse show and join an adventurous journey through Asia! From October 2023 to June 2024, "CAVALLUNA - Land of a Thousand Dreams " will perform in more than 30 cities across Europe - guaranteed to be near you! Experience exciting action, deep confidence and pure passion for horses.