Oktoberfest atmosphere on the Rhine in Xanten

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The Oktoberfest Xanten offers you the most beautiful meadow party atmosphere directly on the Rhine in Lower Rhine

The original in Niederrhein is traditionally opened with a vattap only immediately after the Oktoberfest in Munich. Xanten on the Rhine will be " Wiesn-Gaudi total" again in a few weeks in the FZX party tent at the Xantener Südsee-Weiden.

Buy your tickets for the Oktoberfest fun in the FZX party tent online now so that you too can experience the special Bavarian fun at the upcoming Oktoberfest Xanten.

The appropriate music and the taste of the delicious festival beer will immediately immerse you in the world of Bavarian costume and the corresponding attitude to life. Whether dressed in stylish attire or casually rustic: be part of Oktoberfest Xanten - the original on the Rhine!

Reservations are always required for the evening events on Friday and Saturday. On reserved seats, everyone can enjoy Oktoberfest fun at the typical beer tent tables in the marquee. Please book early, because Oktoberfest Xanten is in high demand!

You can also enjoy the October Festival Sundays all day, with a varied program in the FZX festival tent Xantener Südsee.